My mullvad VPN was working, then I upgraded to 18.10. Now when I use their UI client, it connects fine, but DNS is not working. I can ping by IP but not by

I've tried different settings, all to no avail. I think it has something to do with the DHCP Server settings having Mullvad's specific DNS, whilst ignoring the pfblockerng dns of I also want to maintain no DNS leaks. Any help would be appreciated. Some things I noticed in the Mullvad guide: I have to explicitly specify their DNS to prevent leaking. So under Services-->DHCP Server, I set two Mullvad DNS servers ( and There is a VPN interface (typically there is only WAN and LAN, but now there is a MullvadVPN interface) Mullvad est particulièrement attachée à la préservation de la vie privée et l’anonymat de leurs utilisateurs. Le service utilise 2048 bits RSA et le chiffrement Blowfish OpenVPN 128-bit, avec un protection contre les fuites de DNS ainsi qu’un commutateur Internet kill pour protéger la sécurité et l’anonymat de leurs utilisateurs. Yes, we use our own DNS servers. All DNS traffic routed via our tunnel is ‘hijacked’, even if you accidentally select another DNS our DNS will anyhow be used. Except if you have setup DNS over HTTPS or DNS over TLS.That was mullvad in the torrentfreak trustworthiness interview. Was is Android or was it mullvad that changed it?


Therefore, you are constantly leaking information about what you are doing and when to your DNS server provider, which is usually your ISP (Internet Service Provider) or a big company like Google. Using Mullvad’s DNS server ensures that you don't leak information to a DNS server provider that may be logging which sites you are visiting. And if, for some reason, your traffic ends up on the public internet, it goes to our non-logging DNS server. The DNS server therefore knows which pages you are visiting and which resources you are looking at, and as a result, you are constantly leaking information to your DNS server provider about your activity. Our DNS leaks guide has information on how to prevent this. Mullvad is a VPN service that helps keep your online activity, identity, and location private. Only €5/month - We accept Bitcoin, cash, bank wire, credit card, PayPal, and Swish.

Jul 3, 2017 No DNS request logging: Logging policy of DNS requests is not known VPN service provider Mullvad is based in Sweden. Mullvad has 

Dec 21, 2016 Mullvad is a VPN service based in Sweden which operates envs set from openvpn: # foreign_option_1='dhcp-option DNS'